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GME Vacuum and Air-Eject Dies Knock Out Punch-Out Problems

General Metal Engraving has dynamic solutions to your hole-punching problems. You no longer need a two step process using expensive male-female punching units followed by crush-cutting. And you don't have to worry about debris build up on your flexo-press. Our unique vacuum and air-eject dies can cut and sweep away excess waste all in one pass, making your press run at maximum efficiency. And a cleaner running press ultimately means a tidier profit.

Inventors of the vacuum die can transform your operation.

Over 25 years ago, GME founder Sarkis Kumjian pioneered an engineering marvel: the vacuum die. He saw an industry wide problem-eliminating web waste- and developed this innovative solution. Using a vacuum attachment, the die picks up debris from the web and pulls it through the die journal. Scraps are drawn inside the cavity and pass through the die cutting system. The end result is a cleaner work site and less litter that can clog up your operation.

Punch, cut and clean in one pass.

Our vacuum die also allows you punch holes AND cut a shape with one pass — all while waste is whisked away. This eliminates expensive male-female punching and un-needed production time.

Interchangeable punches. Replaceable inserts.

GME's vacuum dies allow maximum flexibility. You can change-out the punches easily and replace the inserts. This allows you to fix damaged or heavily worn areas with minimal expense.

Air-eject dies blow away press problems.

If you have loose waste that can't be removed by a vacuum die, GME's air-eject systems offer the perfect answer. Our unique air-eject systems keep die cutting surfaces clean by blowing away all die cut pieces and ejecting waste from the die cavity itself. Our air-eject dies help whether you have large cut-out pieces or material that is too thin for a vacuum. All dies come complete with air probe and die blocks. The air probe fits precisely through the journal end, allowing air to be directed only at the row of cavities cutting across the die.

Unlimited applications.

GME vacuum and air-eject dies work wonders, whether you're needs are medical converting, automotive, apparel, airline, electronics, packaging or mass transit industries. Wherever hole-punching is required, we can develop the right die for the right purpose.

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