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Extremes will kill most things

But when it comes to rotary dies... the more extreme the treatments, the longer their life.

That's why at General Metal Engraving we not only choose the best steel, we subject it to the most rigorous processing. Heat-treated. Deep-frozen. We take our dies to the max to bring maximum productivity and performance to you.

Hard, harder, hardest means long, longer, longest.

Our dies are engineered in three superior performance grades.

  • G-series -through-hardened steel to 60-61 Rockwell. This workhorse is ideal for general purpose, long-run, pressure-sensitive or metal-to-metal cutting.
  • M-series - heat-treated to 63-64 Rockwell for extended resistance. Ideal when cutting through to the anvil, as well as cutting more abrasive stocks like tags, mylars and foils.
  • E-series - produced using ultra-premium steel, this die tackles the toughest jobs and provides maximum longevity. On all our dies, we engrave deeper and know how to finish the blade for extreme wear resistance. Our dies are so well made, you'll run longer between sharpenings AND have more retoolings over their life cycle.

Additional treatments produce dies that refuse to die.

We offer a variety of extended wear treatments that can expand the life of your die. GME's cryogenic freezing bolsters molecular strength and makes tough steel still tougher. And we can add rock hard coatings (PVD, hard chrome/nickel) or other advanced treatments (ion plasma nitriding, triple draw heat treating) that can boost performance and endurance. At GME we work with you to determine the right combination of steel and treatments that will perform the best for your particular job at the optimum price. This adds up to one thing: you'll get more revolutions and that means more value.