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Does Folding Carton Converting Have You Boxed In?

Getting your carton converters (or box dies) to proper spec can be a challenge. There are so many potential problems:

  • Getting The Shapes and Creases Right
  • Removing Press Waste
  • Fine-Tuning Glue Channel Width and Depth
  • Preventing Warpage on Larger Dies

At General Metal Engraving we're in the business of solving problems. We're time-tested and detail-driven. No matter how complex the folding carton converting issue, we'll come up with the right solution that will keep you running smarter... faster... longer.

Ingenuity comes in all shapes, sizes and stocks.

GME engineers rotary dies for any and all end products. From every folding carton imaginable... to tags, paper cups, blister boards and novelty items, we can make a die that works wonders. The stock material is immaterial. Our dies cut through anything from paperboard to synthetic. And our dies can work in one, two or more die stations.

Whisk waste worries away.

The engineers at GME are masters at managing flexopress waste. Afterall we invented the vacuum die! Our dies are constructed so your press won't clog. They are available with features such as pin-stripping, air-eject and vacuum punches to assist with waste removal. This means you'll run at maximum efficiency.

These add-on extras add up to smoother runs. And a cleaner running press ultimately means a tidier profit.

GME dies make the perfect crease.

GME makes creasing exact, efficient and, above all, easy. Our dies can be configured in crush-cut or male-female configurations.

Male-female dies are used when a deep crease is required. The male die debosses the material into a recess on the female die, creating the depression. Crease depth is set when the die set is tooled. Therefore, it's extremely important that accurate depth specifications and material samples are submitted when ordering. Male-female dies can also be tooled to cut and crease single or multiple depths.

Meticulous workmanship that works for you.

GME offers a diversity of high-quality products that will put you a cut above in the flexo-graphic converting industry. We also specialize in: vacuum and air-eject dies, hot-stamp and embossing dies, intricate shape and exotic material dies. And we provide a range of superior accessories including: gears, print cylinders, anvil rollers, blade sheeters and perforators.