hot stamp roller header

Our Dies Receive the Hot Stamp of Approval.

At General Metal Engraving our hot stamp rollers create the coolest applications. Our first-rate dies are the first choice when it comes to:

  • Prime Labels
  • Tags and Folding Cartons
  • Premium Wine and Beverage Labels
  • Health and Beauty Products
  • Magnetic Tape
  • Tickets and Cards
  • Heat Sealing Treatments

At GME we are the specialists in specialty applications. We've seen it all and can tackle the toughest challenges.

Superior specs. Detailed tooling.

A die is only as good as its weakest components. That's why we make hot stamp dies out of thermally superior, high-quality, all-brass rolls. We're picky about precision. GME dies are engineered with superior surface finishes for exceptional accuracy. Our dies are thermally compensated for meticulous register and fit. Our meticulous attention to little details produces exceptional results.