Printing Cylinders

The Proof is in the Printing.

You may have the best ink, paper and pressmen, but to achieve printing perfection, you need the ultimate printing cylinders. That's why at General Metal Engraving we measure printing precision one 10,000th at a time. Our cylinders are engineered to a guaranteed TIR (Total Indicator Readings) of .0002. This far surpasses industry standards.

These minute tolerances–that aren't even apparent to the naked eye–become vividly realized in every piece that passes through your press. Our meticulous attention to detail means crisper, bolder, richer printing.

Better features make better results.

GME print cylinders are available for all press types and sizes...and for ball bearing, needle bearing and most other press configurations. They are made of aluminum and can be hard anodized to be scratch proof. Mounting lines make for easy plate mounting.

Print Roll