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The Perfect Perforation. The Correct Cut.

GME sheeters, perforators and EDP units are a cut above

General Metal Engraving engineers removable blade sheeters and perforators that can cut, perforate, or micro-perforate flawlessly across the web. Whether you need kisscut, but-cut, or metal-to-metal through-cut our precision blades make the right cut every time.

Interchangeable blades allow maximum flexibility

Our dies are designed so the knives can be added or removed depending on job specifications. You can switch between sheeter and perf blades. This allows you to produce a variety of repeats and change out damaged or worn blades easily without replacing the entire die.

Our blades have the teeth to take a bite out of any job. Standard perf kiss cut blades come in 8, 10, 12, 50 or beyond.

Extra tough to go the extra mile

Our blades are made from through-hardened steel. The blades not only hold up better on the press, they can be retooled and sharpened numerous times. This adds up to one thing: you'll get more revolutions and that means more value.

removable blade die